Last Chance is a game mechanic in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

When Talion is reduced to minimum health, he falls to his knees. A quicktime event ensues, where the player must move the left analog stick into a circle displayed onscreen, and then press the button as prompted. If the player succeeds, Talion parries his would-be killer's finishing blow, and stands up again, his health restored by a small amount. If the player presses the wrong button, or fails to complete the quicktime event in time, Talion will be killed.

Talion can use Last Chance twice in combat. The second time Talion falls to his knees, the circle is much smaller. The third time he is felled, the enemy kills him immediately.

In addition, some nemeses have the trait No Chance. If a nemesis with this trait knocks Talion to his knees, he will be killed immediately.

Talion can earn the Ranger Ability Last Chance Finisher, which allows him to instantly kill the enemy that knocked him to his knees. To do this, the player must move the left analog stick into the small green circle displayed within the larger circle onscreen. This ability does not work on nemeses.

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