The Ithildin wall shown above without any of the pieces found

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Ithildin is a series of collectible puzzle images that can be acquired by searching multiple locations over Mordor. These individual pieces, referred to as glyphs, are marked on the map after reforging a Forge Tower. In order to see the glyphs the player will have to enter Wraith mode, after which they are able to collect the individual glyphs. The pieces are then automatically added to the wall.

In total, there are 32 glyphs the player can find (sixteen in Udûn and sixteen in Núrn.)

In-Game Description

Ithildin, also called "Starmoon", are ancient symbols that can be found carved into the living stone and ruins of Mordor. They are relics of an ancient Kingdom invisible to all but the Wraith, who can see into the unseen world.

The Wraith within Talion can view and activate these symbols of power. More to the point, he feels a distinct connection with them. They are relics of his past.

The Lord of Light


The finished Ithildin wall.

I am The Bright Lord of Mordor.

The silver hand that drives back the darkness,
Reaching through the fog of night,
To avenge those long betrayed.
Arise from fields of death,
And march forth from the shadow,
Through the purifying flames of war,
You who were once eldar shall be reforged.
Beneath my hammer,
The Bringer of Gifts, the Betrayer shall be un-made,
I renounce the Blessed Realm.
To redeem the Land of Shadow.
And bind the walls of Arda,
In place of the Dark Lord,
You shall have light undiminished,
All shall fear me and rejoice.

Individual Glyphs

Nan iChîr Gelair Mordor
Ivab gelebren
i achortha ivorn
Tridaeol chith efuin
di 'weriennin anann
Erio o thelaith gurth
Edwenno o gwath
Trî laich
puigadol dagor
Nathadhir edwegennin
i naudhir edhil
Nu nam nín
Natha Tognir inAinn
i'Warth, dangarnen
Ochedin Valannor

An adleithad
nor edúath
Ah an noded rammas
Mi chand eMorchir
Natha le calad arphígad
Nin gostatha gwaith
ban a gellatha
tolo dan nan galad
A Elbereth Gilthoniel
Naur an edraith ammen
Nau dan I ngaurhoth
Lach Mâb Gelebren
Achortho Vorn
Galad na 'Lamhoth
Tôl acharn

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