Idril is a supporting protagonist in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and a sergeant and shield maiden of the doomed Gondorian stronghold of Minas Ithil as well as the only daughter of Castamir. Idril was born and raised in Minas Ithil as the daughter of the general. Yet when her mother was killed during an Uruk-hai raid, she swore vengeance against the forces of Mordor and began attempting to sneak out of the city and kill any she could find. Eventually her father found out and decided that if she was going to go out and attempt to kill Uruks at the very least she should know what she's doing. From then on she began training as a shield maiden of the city and quickly rose through the ranks to become a sergeant alongside her close friend Baranor.

Shadow of War

During the great siege of Minas Ithil she and her scouting party were trapped and she was the only one who survived the excursion. She first encounters Talion shortly after , helping him cut down some Uruk Hai who had information about the Palantir of the city. Quickly, the two fight their way back through the contested middle ring of the city and manage to gather the last remaining soldiers to retreat and mobilize in the heart of the city. There she meets up with her father and the other military leaders of the city and explains the situation whilst introducing Talion to her father. After a brief argument with her father she firmly states she will not flee with the women and children and determines to stay and fight for the city.

During the final battle in Minas Ithil, Idril realizes that her father Castamir betrayed the city and seeks to hand the Palantir over to the Nazgûl for her safety. She witnesses his death at the Witch King of Angmar's hand and as he dies rushes over to his body. Flying into a grieving rage she charges at the Nazgul yet is stopped by Talion and is convinced to flee as there is no hope for her to win against such a foe.

Later after helping Talion rescue Baranor from the clutches of the Uruk-Hai in Gorgoroth the two decide to gather what men they still have and stand their ground in Mordor for better or worse, and the two walk off into an uncertain fate.


  • Idril is named after Idril Celebrindal, a Noldorin Elf of the First Age and princess of Gondolin. Idril was married to Tuor, a Man, with whom she had a son, Eärendil the Mariner. 
  • Idril does not appear in The Desolation of Mordor DLC, but she is still alive at the time, as when surveying the fortress Baranor may think aloud to himself that after he takes the fort Idril and the other Gondorians can join him there.
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