Herald's Scroll is an artifact that can be found in Sea of Núrnen.


The Herald's Scroll artifact can be found at Maw of Hope, in the north-eastern part of Sea of Núrnen.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Herald's parchment, Third Age, 2941

"Bad news has wings," the saying goes. So it was with the dispatches from Erebor, heralding the Orcs' great defeat at the Battle of the Five Armies. This particular scroll made its way into Mordor carried by a messenger whose ill tidings were received less than warmly by his comrades. Though the courier's identity was never revealed, he was referred to by the Uruks, with great affection, as 'dinner.'

Memory AudioEdit

"It's never good news. Naw, and I saw to it he didn't…

All right, you stinking lot. Shut your gobs.


Got some terrible news, here. Terrible. Once again the filthy Humans sided with the Dwarves who had help from those sanctimonious bastards the Elves who were rescued by - and I am not making this up - the damned giant Eagles to slaughter thousands of our brethren in what we should all be calling the battle to unfairly gang up on the Orcs.

Our lands get invaded, our chieftains killed, and our people murdered. Where does it end? Well, I tell you, it ends here. And it ends right now! They can't stop the march of progress. They can't stop us!"

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