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A Hell-hawk is a type of creature in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. They are small birds that roam the skies of Mordor in search of prey. Five Hell-hawks must be killed in order to complete a hunting challenge. They will not attack Talion, and can be shot from the sky using the bow.

In-Game Description[]

Mordor's skies have seen their share of sparrows, finches, eagles, falcons, and crows, but the Hell-hawk is a relative newcomer. They are smaller cousins to the winged Fell-beasts in the eyries of Nan Morlith.
These carnivorous reptilian creatures fly on leathery wings and use their elongated necks to clear the skies of other flying creatures.
And, as the Uruks are being bred to ensure dominion over Mordor's land, so are the Hell-hawks being created to ensure the Dark Lord's will is exerted over the skies. The Hell-hawks patrol the air day and night, guarding against spies, keeping a watch against invasion, and seeking out their master's enemies.