Rangers of the Black Gate, I am Hallas your new commander. I am proud to lead you defending Gondor should the Nameless One ever return. Stay forever strong and vigilant.

Hallas is a character in the Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor that is only heard in the loading screens. He is the captain of the Rangers of the Black Gate, and likely Talion's immediate predecessor. He is also the father of Ioreth.

A stern man, he is proud of serving Gondor and does not tolerate insubordination. Both Talion and Hirgon are not fond of his long speeches. He, however, has a kind heart toward his daughter.


Prior to the start of the game, Asgon, a nobleman of Gondor, attacked Ioreth, but is slain by Talion. For this affront Talion's life is forfeit to Gondor, much to Ioreth's dismay. However, she reveals to her father that she is pregnant with a child. Ioreth's father is moved by this, and for her sake, sends Talion and Ioreth to the Morannon, where a post awaits Talion. Hallas intended to reject the post to command the Rangers of the Black Gate but due to the events surrounding his daughter is forced to accept it.

Hallas wife

There, he becomes the captain and leads the rangers there. He is not seen in the game and since Talion is now captain, he likely passed the position over to him.

At the beginning of the game Talion returns to Ioreth from Gondor where she asks if he spoke to her father, which Talion reluctantly admits he did and that her father was still stubborn and that nothing had changed which prompts Ioreth to ask that they leave anyway. This suggests that Talion went to ask to be released from his position and perhaps even return from exile.


  • He shares his name with a Steward of Gondor from the Third Age, who devised the name of Rochand and Rochirrim to the realm of the Éothéod, now better known as the Rohirrim of Rohan.
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