While men and other races enjoy cups of ale or wine, the Uruks for them have Grog as their popular and favored drink. They are used to help keep moral high and used in celebrations for either a captain, warchiefs, or for a special occasion like a victory or successful hunt.


Grog Barrel

To men it has a foul pungent smell which makes them wonder how Uruks could stomach such a drink, yet another creature is also drawn to the smell of grog for in Lithlad Grog spilled in mass quantities brings forth the attention and presence of the biggest of the Were-wyrms known as the Rumbler bringing devastation and death. Grog though the Uruk’s treasured drink and will kill any who waste or destroy it, however Grog itself is highly combustible and burns any Uruks standing near it. Grog also can be poisoned by Hithlas by dropping it into the exposed Grog barrels. Uruks poisoned by this are either killed or are weakened and they start to fight each other.

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