Graven Idol Representing Morgoth is an artifact found in Udûn.


The Graven Idol Representing Morgoth can be found at Durthang Wastes, in the western part of Udûn.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Graven idol representing Morgoth, Second Age, circa 3318

"Before Númenor's fall, its priests and dark acolytes held sacrifices to strange gods in the temples, and graven idols such as these were freely worshipped.

This idol represents Morgoth, the first Dark Lord of Middle-earth, and was likely carried to the mainland by missionaries seeking to spread his vile message."

Memory AudioEdit


He's been sold a bill of goods, all right! And what do we get? More war! More taxes! Ha! Human sacrifice in the town square! You can hear the screams, all day and all night, and we're made to worship this, this hideous thing. The great tree, kindling! The king's ears filled with rubbish from his…

…his advisor, the great chained wonder, Sauron, now princely Sauron.

Eilindel is right! Númenor is ruined, and the boats can't take us away from this charnel house fast enough!"

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