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Gorvin is a dwarf and a minor character who is mentioned in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. His voice appears in flashbacks picked up from artifacts found in the game. He was the elder brother of Torvin. Gorving also appears as a character in the Middle-earth: Shadow of War mobile game.


He and his brother, Torvin, left their home in the Orocarni to hunt Middle-earth's greatest prey and ended up in the Sea of Núrnen, where they attempted to kill the Legendary Graug. During this fight Torvin was knocked unconscious and Gorvin was killed. Torvin now seeks to avenge his brother's death by hunting and killing the Graug that killed his brother.


  • The first cutscene of the The Legendary White Graug mission shows Torvin reclaiming Gorvin's hunting axe, just before Talion retrieves Celebrimbor's pick, claiming that it is as sharp as the day their father made it.
    • The model of Gorvin's axe can on rare occasion spawn in as the weapon of a Nemesis.
    • In Desolation of Mordor Torvin is seen still in possession of Gorvin's axe.