I strike down men corrupted by these rings. Do not become one of them!

— Eltariel to Talion

Eltariel, also known as the Blade of Galadriel, was an ally to Talion and Celebrimbor that wielded the light of Galadriel. She helped Talion in his fight against Sauron's army in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, after convincing from the wraith Celebrimbor, she took the new ring from Celebrimbor's hand that caused Talion to start dying again, while also becoming one with the wraith.

After fighting Sauron atop Barad-Dur and defeating him, Sauron cut her ring finger while Celebrimbor was trying to dominate him, overpowering Eltariel and merging with Celebrimbor to enter a perpetual state of war as a flaming eye on top of Barad-Dur. Eltariel meanwhile took the New Ring to continue her quest and hold back the Nazgûl and ensure they don't leave Mordor.


Eltariel is a very determined individual. She approaches any task given with determination and even in spite of impossible odds she refuses to give up and always returns to the battlefield, ready to fight.


At some point prior to the events of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Eltariel was selected by the Lady Galadriel as her "blade" and, armed with The Light of Galadriel, a powerful artifact, was sent into the realm of Mordor to hunt down the Nazgûl and keep them confined to the Land of Shadow, a task she was initially delighted with, but later came to question as she was left hunting a foe that ultimately remains unkillable, leaving her questioning what the point of her quest is.


Middle-earth: Shadow of War

First Meeting Talion

Appearing shortly after the downfall of Minas Ithil, Eltariel showed up as Talion was being corrupted and dominated by the Witch-king of Angmar and the other Nine Nazgûl. She briefly protected a partially corrupted Talion from the Nazgûl, using both blade and Light, before she ultimately struck down Talion herself, in order to prevent him from being claimed by the Nazgûl, and racing off to Celebrimbor's barrows to meet up with the undead ranger again.

Encountering the fallen ranger back at Celebrimbor's barrows, she sharpened his sword, whilst waiting for him to awaken, expressing minor surprise that Talion was indeed capable of returning from the dead, and briefly attempting to question him on how it feels to die and return to life, before Talion urgently enquired about the fate of the city and the Palantir he had attempted to protect, to which Eltariel confirmed the loss of both to The Dark Lord, Sauron.

Whilst conversing with Talion, Celebrimbor noticed her possession of the Light of Galadriel, telling Talion they could use it to recover the ring, assuming that Eltariel like most inhabitants of Middle-Earth were unaware of the Wraiths presence, before she proved him wrong. She enquired about the ring, which Talion explained the purpose of, before realising the Nazgûl would be drawn to the Rings power. Celebrimbor demanded she hand over Galadriel's Light, to which she strongly rebuffed him, stating that she was willing to use the Light to protect them, but not willing to give it up, before Talion intervened and stated the need to move quickly to stop the Ringwraiths from seizing the New Ring.

She and Talion proceeded to rush to Shelob's cave in order to secure the ring, noting that even Shelob's brood feared the Nazgûl, before arriving in Shelob's domain, whilst an attack by the aforementioned Nazgûl was in progress, in order to secure the ring on orders from Sauron. Whilst Shelob was defending herself, Eltariel began building power with Galadriel's light, leaping into the air before landing hard on the stone floor and causing a massive explosion of light, which both injured Shelob greatly and forced the Nazgûl to retreat from the cave.

After Talion had re-acquired and donned The New Ring, she confronted him about it and urged him to get rid of it. When he refused she told him that she strikes down those that the ring corrupts, and urges him not to become one of them, telling the ranger that they would meet again and continues to press on alone, leaving Talion and Celebrimbor began to build their army, adopting the persona of the "Bright Lord".

Alliance with Talion & Celebrimbor

As she stated, Eltariel did indeed meet again with Talion, and together they worked to hold the Nazgûl at bay within Mordor. They uncovered attempts by the Nazgûl's "Chosen" to reclaim the purified Haedir which they repelled, intervened before the Ringwraith's could create powerful Orcs known as "Chosen" and raided another ritual again intended to create more "Chosen" though in doing so, she began to disagree with Talion and Celebrimbor.

Eventually Talion and Celebrimbor returned to Minis Ithil, now corrupted and turned into Minas Morgul, where Eltariel joined them, stating that one of the Ringwraith's had retreated there after the three of them drove them from Shelob's cave, stating that all they had managed to do was chase the wraiths off. Progressing through the city and leading Talion and Celebrimbor, during in which the Ranger and Wraith duo dominated a small number of Orcs, they eventually made their way to the upper city, where the Witch-King had secured his dominion with a veil of Shadow, and a Nazgûl in ornate armour descended to confront them on the stairs to the Great Hall, proclaiming that the Witch-King possessed the city, and would soon possess Talion as well.

Working with Talion and Celebrimbor they fought the Nazgûl guarding the Great Hall where the Palantir was kept, and she watched as Celebrimbor and Talion dominated the Nazgûl, later revealed to be Suladân, a once great general of men who became corrupted by a Ring of Power given to him by Sauron.

Later on in her quest to hold back the Nazgûl, Eltariel again saved Talion from being claimed by the raging Nazgûl known as Helm Hammerhand, after the aforementioned Ringwraith attempted to reclaim the fortress in the icy realm of Seregost. Quickly striking the Nazgûl and forcing him to flee, she told Talion that the wraiths injuries would slow him, before enquiring to Talion about his own, before then rushing off to continue her hunt.

Teaming up with Talion they ventured to the icy peaks of Seregost where Hammerhand had fled after Eltariel and Talion repulsed his attempts to reclaim Seregost, and the two defeated the ringwraith. After Talion and Celebrimbor looked inside Hammerhand and saw his past, she witnessed an angry confrontation between the Ranger and the Wraith over Celebrimbor's willingness to stand at Sauron's side when he gave the now fallen Hammerhand the Ring of Power that corrupted and doomed him, and their crafting of a new ring, before she left to continue her quest.

Eventually Eltrariel, with Talion and Celebrimbor, went to investigate some haunted ruins in the realm of Gorgorth, where they discovered that one of the Nazgûl, Isildur, one of the former bearers of the One Ring before being struck down by Orcs, was using necromancy to amass a terrible army of Wights that, as noted by Talion, included fallen soldiers and men (though Eltariel no longer considered them such) that had died at Minas Ithil.

Battle the necromancer, he threatened Talion, claiming either the ranger would join the Nazgûl, or he would die and necromancer would raise him as a puppet, before being repelled and eventually leaving the elf and ranger to fight against a contingency of Wights, which were led by the former (and now undead) general of Minis Ithil prior to betraying the city, (an act which led to its downfall and seizure by the Witch-King and his fellow Nazgûl) Castamir.

Attack on Barad-dûr

After Talion and Celebrimbor had built up a sizeable army and the trio had successfully repelled all attacks by the Ringwraith's and ensured that the Haedir were secure and could not be used to track them, Eltariel, Talion and Celebrimbor joined forces one last time to launch the final attack on Sauron's stronghold, Barad-dûr, and end the Dark Lord's reign over Mordor and save Middle-Earth.

Standing at Talion's side, she heard as Anarion called out to Talion from Barad-dûr, before he went to deliver a rousing speech to the Orc army he and Celebrimbor had amassed, before joining their charge on the bridge leading to Sauron's Dark Fortress, and his final stronghold in Mordor.

Working with the Bright Lord she helped support his Orcs in battle, and later assisted Talion in his fight with Anarion when the Nazgûl returned to again battle Talion, proclaiming that Talion's time had come and they were bound together in their brotherhood. Assisting Talion, Anarion was again defeated, and briefly dominated by Celebrimbor before Talion decided, against the Wraith's wishes, to "release" the Nazgûl, and killed him.

Witnessing an angry confrontation between Talion and Celebrimbor, the former of which disagreed with the latters method of dominating the Ringwraith's, and his intentions to try dominate Sauron and claim the Dark Lord's armies for his own, Eltariel sided with the Wraith, and was quickly offered the chance to don Celebrimbor's new Ring of Power, becoming his vessel and providing her the chance to end her quest and destroy the threat of Sauron and the Nazgûl once and for all.

Eltariel ultimately accepted, donning Celebrimbor's Ring, causing the Wraith to officially leave Talion's body and become bound with her. This ultimately caused Talion to begin bleeding from old wounds gained from the sacrifice he endured at the hands of Sauron's Black Captains, and, after briefly comforting the ranger as he died, she and Celebrimbor left him for dead on the bridge to Barad-dûr, as they went on to confront Sauron at the top of his tower.

The Blade of Galadriel

Claiming The New Ring

After doing battle with Sauron, she and Celebrimbor worked to dominate the Dark Lord, before Sauron pulled out a short dagger and proceeded to slice off her ring finger, separating her from the elf Lord, before the Dark Lord merged with Celebrimbor to create the Flaming Eye above Barad-dûr.

Awakening in a strange realm, Eltariel was confronted by her Lady Galadriel. She confessed to having failed to defeat the Dark Lord Sauron. Galadriel explained that Celebrimbor and Sauron were now one, before she angrily reminded Eltariel that she was sent to Mordor for the Nazgûl, not Sauron, before commanding that she look to Minas Ithil and the Nazgûl that dwelled within it, claiming that Eltariel knew who she spoke of.

Eltariel responded, telling her that Talion was dead, she having left him for dead after she claimed Celebrimbor's Ring, before Galadriel informed her that the ranger now wore Anarion's Ring and he now belonged to Sauron. Eltariel said she could not face him, and pleaded with the Lady Galadriel to let her return home. Galadriel denied her this request, ordering her to wear The New Ring, and finish what she had started in Mordor, and only then could she be allowed to return home. Eltariel said it would be done.

Awakening atop Barad-dûr in pain from the loss of two of her fingers, Eltariel briefly bore witness to the Flaming Eye, before she moved to claim The New Ring, which flew to her finger, and upon donning it, provided her with Wraith Fingers in lieu of the ones she lost.

Return to Minas Morgul

Leaving Barad-dûr, Eltariel followed her Lady's instructions, and infiltrated the city of Minas Morgul. Upon reaching the citadel, Eltariel fights Talion before he reveals that he has not yet succumbed to the power of the ring of Anarion. Instead of continuing to fight, Eltariel decides to aid Talion in his mission to keep the forces of the lord of Mordor at bay while continuing her unending battle with the Nazgul. However it is clear that Talion can not keep the malice of Anarion's ring in check for ever Galadriel warns Eltariel that when the time come she must prevent Talion becoming an unending servant of evil. following their meeting at Minas Morgul Eltariel accompanies the ranger to assist in strengthening the defences of the diminished fortress of Seregost.

The new Nazgûl and the Shadow Wars

Upon arriving in Seregost. Talion and Eltariel are met by the overlord of the fortress Akoth who reports the warchiefs guarding the fortress are all dead or dying. Talion suggest gaining more followers using the new ring, but Eltariel refuses to dominate orcs with the power of the ring. Akoth suggests several captains who would make good allies if Eltariel could recruit them, she then sets off into the caves to find new allies. She proceeds to recruit Ogg, Bow of Morgoth, Ar-Baruk the Thrall, Torz Tinder, Flak Flint, Krimp the Enchanted, Maku the Fixer and Ar-Kaius the Architect.


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