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Durthang in Shadow of Mordor


It was originally built by Gondor after the war of the Last Alliance of Men and Elves to keep watch on Mordor and prevent anyone or anything from entering there again. At first Durthang was like the other fortresses and castles built to watch over Mordor, fully maintained and manned. However, as Gondor began to lose its power and influence, the fortress began to be neglected from the reign of . It was Atantar II. finally abandoned after the Great Plague that vastly depopulated Gondor and evil began to re-enter the formerly desolate land. The ruined fortress was repaired by Sauron upon his return to Mordor and was garrisoned by his forces during the War of the Ring

Frodo and Sam passed this castle when they headed to Mount Doom as they had to go northwards and then south to avoid Barad-dur , and they found this castle to be vigilant and hostile. The castle sent out Orc-forces to march to Udun during the attack on Mordor during the War, and also supplied forces during theBattle of the Black Gate , the battle which ended the War of the Ring in the south-east. The exact fate of Durthang remains unknown, but it could be that after the defeat of Sauron durthang was destroyed.