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Dirhael was Talion's only son. He resided with his mother, Ioreth, at the Black Gate and was subsequently murdered during the attack by the leader of Sauron's Black Captains, the Black Hand, at the beginning of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


Prior to the start of the game, Ioreth carrying Dirhael as her and Talion's child moved Ioreth's father to spare Talion for her sake. Her father later has Talion and Ioreth move to the Black Gate to save them. There, Dirhael grows into a young man. One time, Dirhael went to the Dead Marshes to the north of the Black Gate on a dare, saw the dead bodies there, and thought they were still alive. He later returns with his father, whom he recounts his experiences to, but Talion tells Dirhael that the bodies being alive in the Dead Marshes is just an old wives' tale.

Dirhael was in training to be a Ranger before the attack on the Black Gate, and his subsequent demise. Talion's dagger, Acharn, is actually Dirhael's shattered sword, which Talion originally had the best blacksmith in the Black Gate forge for his son. Talion later carries it with him on his journey after his death.


  • Dirhael's hair is two different colors depending on lighting and angle.
  • The character shares his name with Dírhael, a Dúnedain of the North. He is the grandfather of Aragorn on his mother's side.
  • In Shadow of Mordor, after finding the Pipeweed Pouch artifact in Núrnen Fishery, Talion recalls a time when Dirhael smoked pipeweed and, while high off of it, ate an entire week’s supply of rations from the Black Gate’s pantries.