Curse is a status effect and an element in Middle Earth: Shadow of War. It is inflicted primarily by Captains or higher ranked Uruks and Ologs with the Cursed Weapon trait, though there are several other ways it can be inflicted. When afflicted, Talion/Eltariel loses Health and Wrath over time and the minimap is hidden. If an Uruk/olog is afflicted by the curse, lesser ones will panic and take damage over time. Curse is considered to be more dangerous to Talion/Eltariel than it would be to an Uruk/Olog when compared to Fire or Poison.


When an Uruk wielding a cursed weapon executes an Uruk, there is a chance that a special execution animation is played instead of the ordinary class/tribe exclusive execution. The winning cursed Uruk first charges and headbutts the other unfortunate Uruk down on his knees. Then using the cursed magic, the cursed Uruk then proceeds to weaken and slowly crush the skull, covered in the cursed mist produced by the Uruk until the skull of the victim gives up, which causes the winner to completely crush the skull into a bloody mess.

Just like tribe exclusive executions, this execution cannot be used by or against the Olog-Hai.

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