Cook's Knife is an artifact that can be found in Sea of Núrnen.


The Cook's Knife artifact can be found at Fort Morn, in the southern part of Sea of Núrnen.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Cook's knife, Third Age, circa 2940

This Sigil (Knife) has seen much use. Originally it served an important ceremonial function in preparing ritual feasts. However since the invasion of Núrn by the Uruks every blade that can be turned into a weapon has been used by the Tribesmen in their resistance. The owner of this knife held it defiantly until the end.

Memory AudioEdit

"Here, take this.  I want someone watching over Queen Marwen at all times. I am afraid she may do harm to herself. Now go. 

Mother, what is happening to you? Is this gift worth the price you are paying?

The end of Darkness is worth whatever price. Such is the spirit of Núrnen, Lithariel.

Núrnen needs you, mother. These visions do not bring us enough benefit to befit your loss.

But they do, my child. I have seen a vision of the Ring-maker, Celebrimbor himself. It is through him alone that Núrnen may be saved."

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