Coded Journal Entry 1 is an artifact that can be found in Udûn.


The Coded Journal Entry 1 artifact can be found at Barrows of Udûn in the north-western part of Udûn.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Dead Crow carrying Coded Journal Entry #1

"The skies over Mordor are being cleared by fell beasts, the Hell-hawk. Crows such as this poor fellow are hunted relentlessly, but not as food.

No, crows are hunted because each of the oversized black birds is a potential spy, a messenger who might be carrying news to a master outside of Mordor. This crow met its doom trying to deliver a coded note."

Memory AudioEdit

"Here's what I saw: I told you the Orcs are digging everywhere. Well, they dug huge caves into the ground in the side of the hills and into the mountains where they do their work. Some of it is forges, and they've got blacksmiths making armor and all kinds of weapons. They save on metal by making their armor for the front only, like they're not planning on retreating anymore.

Oh, and they've got these huge pits, too, bigger'n I've ever seen. They pull the new Orcs, maybe a hundred or so a day, and some of them are those Uruk-hai. You can tell them right away because they've got a head or so on other Orcs, they come out fighting, and immediately start bossing everyone else around.

No-one's the wiser about me spying. But don't send no more crows! The other Orcs might get suspicious."

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