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Clear the Skies is a dagger quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


"His enemies' arrows darkened the sky. He moved to eliminate the archers and clear the path for his forces."


  • Stealth Kill 10 Archers without setting off the alarm
  • Bonus: Ledge Kill 5 Uruks


  • Staying on the rooftops is best here. Although avoiding detection is not necessary, it decreases the chances of an alarm being raised.
  • Using stealth ledge kills and Shadow Strike will help ensure the mission's success, as well as Strike from Above.

Did You Know?[]

  • Talion's dagger, Acharn, is in fact the shattered remains of the sword from his son, Dirhael, which Talion retrieved from his son's slain body after Dirhael was murdered as Sauron's forces waylaid the Gondorian garrison at the Black Gate.
  • Talion can perform stealth kills while hanging from ledges and on top many of the structures in Mordor, which is an incredibly efficient way to take out unsuspecting archers keeping watch over Sauron's forces from above.