"Forfeit your mind!"-Talion/Celebrimbor while branding an Uruk

Brand is an ability in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

It grants the power to dominate any Uruk soldier, Captain, or Warchief, granting total control over them.

This allows Talion to direct them to aid him in combat, attempt to kill other Uruk soldiers or Captains, infiltrate a Warchief's Bodyguard, and even have them attempt to kill said Warchief to become the new Warchief.


There are several variants of branding, depending on the circumstances Talion is in. They are as follows:

Normal Branding: Talion can grab a normal Uruk soldier and brand him the same way he would drain an Uruk for arrows before unlocking the branding ability.

Domination: Any Uruk dominated is considered branded, however after dismissing the Uruk, they will despawn (unless they are a Captain or a Warchief, in which case they will return to their original dwelling place).

Stealth Brand: If Talion remains undetected near an Uruk soldier or Captain, he can brand an Uruk soldier without disturbing any other hostile Uruks in the area. Through unlocking abilities, stealth branding can also have the possibility of branding nearby non-branded Uruk without having to individually brand them.

Combat Brand: If Talion reaches a high enough hit combo, he can brand in the middle of combat, with the possibility of branding nearby non-branded Uruk also in combat with Talion (which requires unlocking abilities)

The Bright Lord DLC campaign also unlocks several new methods of branding only usable in the DLC. They are as follows:

Flash Brand: If Celebrimbor reaches a high enough hit combo or uses the One Ring, he will be able to use an ability similar to Wraith Flash, only this particular variant brands a certain number of enemies depending on how long the ability was charged, and how many Ring upgrades have been completed. The non-branded enemies caught in the blast will be stunned similar to using a typical Wraith Flash in the base game. Any enemies branded will also charge the One Ring.

Shadow Strike Brand: An addition to the Shadow Strike ability, this allows Celebrimbor to brand enemies as if he were using Lethal Shadow Strike, though it consumes 3 Elf-shot as opposed to 2. Several enemies can be branded in succession using the Shadow Strike Combo ability. This is Celebrimbor's key tactic during the DLC, as most missions require a combination of branding and getting from one place to another quickly.

Celebrimbor retains all branding abilities used by by Talion in the base game.

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