Barad Silme or Forge Towers are towers in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. They serve as the player's spawn point: whenever the player dies, they will be respawned on top of the closest reforged Forge Tower.

Reforged Forge Towers also serve as fast travel points, allowing the player to quickly travel across the map even when trapped in a stronghold.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Nothing is known about these enigmatic ruins' creation or destruction, save for the haunted visions of the Wraith possessing the doomed Ranger Talion: These towers are familiar.
Forge Tower inactive icon
Forge Tower active icon

The eternal enemy, time, has cloaked their purpose, obscured their forms, and made a distant memory of their creators. Until such time as their origins are uncovered, we can only classify these ruined monoliths as Barad Silme; Towers of Starlight. Unseen, they are shadows of Mordor's distant, violent past reflecting memories of the lost Elvish land Eregion.

In total, there are 12 Forge Towers in Mordor: six in Udûn and six in the Sea of Núrnen. To normal human beings the Forge Towers are broken down buildings that have been destroyed centuries ago. However, while in Wraith mode the player is able to see what the Tower looked like prior to its destruction. By climbing to the top of the tower and having Celebrimbor forge it, the tower's respawn point will be enabled and all nearby quests and collectibles will be added to the player's map.

Etymology Edit

Barad Silme is actually incorrectly put together Elvish. The word barad is Sindarin for "tower". The Word silme is Quenya - a different elven language entirely - for "starlight". The intended meaning is "Tower of Starlight".

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