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Azkar Render (Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor)

Azkâr is the primary ranged weapon in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It was originally made by Narvi, the dwarven maker and friend of Celebrimbor. He made it specifically for the ring-maker.

Due to the bow being originally used by the living Celebrimbor, it only sees use when Talion enters the Wraith world in Ranged mode. Like the other weapons in Talion's arsenal, Urfael and Acharn, Azkâr can be upgraded using Runes, giving it specific bonuses, such as health recovery upon damaging an enemy, or the ability to add a powerful blast of fire.

Dwarvish Inscription

The runes on the handle of Azkâr are written in cirth runes, an ancient writing system originally used by the elves and adopted by the dwarves. The runes on the handgrip spell out the weapon's name: A-Z-K-AA-R. Once upgraded, an inscription written in the dwarvish language, Khuzdul, can be seen on the bow-arms.


"Narvi had me made for the ring-smith and for his loyal service."


"His arrows truly may they hit their mark."


  • Unlike Talion's other weapons, however, upon completing half and/or all of the respective legend quests, Azkâr doesn't noticeably change in appearance upon being reforged. The only difference between the original and reforged versions is the set of runes engraved upon the bow's limbs. This may be because Celebrimbor, an elven smith, felt that nothing could be improved upon the design (and/or not wishing to disrespect the work of his friend Narvi).
  • Narvi and Celebrimbor were among the greatest makers of their respective races and were also good friends. They made several works together. Most famous, Narvi made the Doors of Durin at the west-gate of Moria, which bore the Ithildin inscription made by Celebrimbor and closed via magic, only opening upon hearing the word mellon, the Sindarin word for "friend".
  • In Shadow of War, Azkâr is removed from the inventory after completing "The Scourge" with Helm's Hammer taking its place as the indestructible non-legendary gear. This is part of the game's attempt to progressively turn Talion's starter gear into the Ringwraith set.