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Artifacts are collectible items in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. In total 52 artifacts can be found in Mordor, 19 of which in Udûn and 23 in the Sea of Núrnen. And 10 more in the Lord of The Hunt DLC. Each collected artifact rewards Talion with +50 Mirian.

Every collectible has a description in-game with some background information on the artifact itself. The artifacts can also be studied to learn more about its history through a voiced memory, which will play after finding the memory on the artifact itself. After hearing the voiced memory, Talion will comment on it.

Finding CollectiblesEdit

Collectibles can be found by entering the Wraith world and locating the shining object in the area. The location of every artifact in the region will be marked on the map (Artifact icon) once the Forge Tower in that region has been reforged.

List of ArtifactsEdit


Sea of NúrnenEdit

Torvin Diary Pages Edit

These artifacts can be only found in the Lord of The Hunt DLC. There are total of 10 of these Diary pages.

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