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An Interested Party is a Gollum storyline quest in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


Talion wonders what kind of rodent hides in the shadows, while the Wraith states that an object of great power has marked the creature. Talion wonders how it can be sure that the creature has answers; the Wraith replies that the answers may benefit both of them. Following the creature's footsteps, Talion frees several captured slaves along his route. Talion comments that the path taken leads to danger. Further on, the Wraith comments that it senses that the creature may know more about it, then it does of itself. Moving further, the path goes through a large Uruk camp, and further on. Talion wonders how the creature passed through here, before realizing that the footsteps lead into a Caragor's cave. He then spots the creature run into the cave, and pursues it. They climb a ledge, where they find an ancient necklace buried in the rock. As Talion holds it, he suddenly screams in agony as images flood his shared mind with the Wraith. Talion wonders what magic it is, but the Wraith states it is a lost heirloom. Talion states that his memories have come back, though the Wraith says it is only broken images, which he prefers not to remember. Talion glums over the fact of another dead family, though the Wraith muses that this may be why they were joined in un-death. Just then, the creature reveals himself, though Talion's rough demeanor scares him off, just as a Caragor appears. Felling it, Talion rushes to intercept the creature, when suddenly a party of Uruk Hunters arrive, having tracked the Caragor. Talion deals with them, then tracks the creature further. The creature sits in a small cave, speaking to one "Precious" that it will make the Wraith remember. It then stalks Talion as he walks by, before being grabbed by surprise, and threatened by Talion. The Wraith asks Talion to question the creature, who displays the ability to see and hear the Wraith, while saying that the Wraith appeared to it in its dreams. The creature frees itself from Talion's grasp, and retreats into its cave, where it converses with the Wraith.



  • For the first part of this particular quest, you can complete the bonus objective of freeing slaves along the way.
  • When fighting the Caragors, be sure to aim for their heads. As it will take you multiple body shots to kill one.
  • Caragors will also kill Uruks if they are nearby. If you are overwhelmed, try to direct the caragor's aggression towards them.
  • Dodging by rolling is effective against Caragors and Hunters.