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Acharn Render (updated)

Acharn is the primary stealth weapon in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

The hilt-piece of Dirhael's shattered sword, the broken blade is still a lethal implement, re-named Acharn, meaning "vengeance" in Sindarin, and likewise re-purposed as a silent implement to enact its namesake upon Sauron's armies.

As with Talion's other weapons, Acharn can be upgraded using runes, giving it unique bonuses that allow for more efficient use in stealth or combat.

Upon completing half (5/10) of the respective Legend quests, the blade is re-forged by the Wraith and gains a new aesthetic appearance. Upon completing all the respective legend quests, it is wholly reforged, and gains a more elvish appearance. The sequel reverts it back to its original appearance.

In Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the broken sword returns in its original form as a common level 1 Dagger that cannot be destroyed. After Talion becomes a Ringwraith, the blade becomes a legendary item and goes through another change in appearance, turning into a sinister-looking knife with a barbed edge. Being part of the Nazgul set, the dagger has the power to potentially turn Uruks felled by it into revenants.

Elvish inscription[]

Once all inscriptions are unlocked on the blade, the Sindarin inscription reads as follows:

Sigil thurin vin fuin

"A dagger secret in the night"

Gruithol egyn i boe dadannathar na hereg.

"Terrifying evildoers who must give back with blood.

Dulaf naeg a mernida caran.

"Swallows pain and red becomes black."


  • Acharn, before being reforged, was previously the shattered sword of Talion's son, Dirhael.
  • Prior to possessing Acharn, Talion wielded a shortsword or large dagger as his secondary weapon during his role at Captain of the Watch. However, this blade was lost after Talion was captured before his death during the attack on the Black Gate.
  • Talion gave this sword to Dirhael, having it custom made by a blacksmith.
  • Acharn means Vengeance in the Elven language of Sindarin.
  • Like the sword, Urfael, the five "runes" engraved on Acharn's cross-hilt spell out its name in Elvish Tengwar using Full Sindarin Mode. This matches the origin of its Sindarin name.
  • Acharne (the alleged derivative for the Elvish word) is French for "perseverance".
  • After Talion’s death at the end of Shadow of War, he drops Acharn to the ground. Acharn lands blade-first and sticks out of the dirt. As Talion wanders off, a flower grows from where Acharn lands. The flower bears a strong resemblance to Niphredil, the flower Talion gave to Ioreth at the beginning of Shadow of Mordor.